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Re: [augeas-devel] [Puppet Users] augeas-0.10.0_1 in FreeBSD can't see /etc/rc.conf

Hi Darryl,

On 01/05/12 16:11, Darryl Wisneski wrote:
> Since I upgraded some of my FreeBSD boxen to augeas-0.10.0* I can't
> get augeas to address /etc/rc.conf.  I was able to modify key/values
> in /etc/rc.conf in augeas-0.7.1_2 in my puppet classes and augtool.
> I think I recall Dominic saying that the /etc/rc.conf lens was added
> by the FreeBSD ports maintainer.  Can you help please?  I just
> refreshed my ports tree (portsnap fetch extract) and remade augeas.
> The checksums on the lens files has not changes between versions.
> I am seeing this behavior in FreeBSD 8.2 and 9.0 RELEASE.

There are a few overlapping issues with /etc/rc.conf.  There is indeed a
lens shipped with the FreeBSD port which you're seeing here.  In Augeas
0.8.1, rc.conf was added to the Shellvars lens shipped with Augeas
itself, but then in 0.10.0 it was accidentally removed from the list.
This has been fixed in git, but is unreleased.

I suspect on 0.7.1 you're using the FreeBSD lens.  On 0.10.0 you would
have to be using the FreeBSD lens, but it looks like this isn't being
picked up - so either the rcconf.aug lens is disabled somehow (or isn't
in the right search path) or it is failing to parse your rc.conf file.

> broken:
> # pkg_info |grep augeas
> augeas-0.10.0_1     A configuration editing tool
> # find  /usr/local/share/augeas/lenses/ -name "*rcconf*" -exec sum {} \; 
> 29678 1 /usr/local/share/augeas/lenses/tests/rcconf.aug
> 13563 1 /usr/local/share/augeas/lenses/rcconf.aug
> # augtool 
> augtool> print /files/etc/rc.conf
> augtool> 

Could you try running this in augtool to see if a lens is being used,
and if there are errors?

  print /augeas/files/etc/rc.conf/

Dominic Cleal
Red Hat Consulting
m: +44 (0)7817 878113

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