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[augeas-devel] Augedit prototype

A while ago, David Malcolm made Augviewer, a small pygtk app to display
the tree and corresponding content of a file. That was so nice, I wanted
to improve on that, and created Augedit, an editor for Augeas. It uses
Gtk, but rewrote it in Vala instead. It uses the Augeas-Vala bindings
for that.

If you are more interested, I wrote a small blog entry about it [1].

I do have some issue with Gtk.TextView. Tags used to highlight the
key/value matched do not seems to support transparency, thus we can't
highlight what the whole sub-tree matches. I don't know what to do about
it, maybe pango can be used here.

The edition feature is still to be implemented, and I'm not sure how to
do it correctly. If the text view is modified, then the easy way would
be to parse the file again and replace the tree model. Maybe we can use
indexes to know whether the label or the value is modified and update
the tree node directly, then it would not require to reload the file
every time. I'm worried about partial updated, where the file get or
tree put may not be consistent.


Francis Giraldeau

[1] http://multivax.blogspot.com/2013/03/augedit-prototype.html

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