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Re: [augeas-devel] Augtool cant see some files

The reason is that the openshift configuration in the lens is in the /var/www directory instead of under /etc.

(* Variable: filter *)
let filter =  incl "/var/www/openshift/console/httpd/httpd.conf"
            . incl "/var/www/openshift/console/httpd/conf.d/*.conf"
            . incl "/var/www/openshift/broker/httpd/conf.d/*.conf"
            . incl "/var/www/openshift/broker/httpd/httpd.conf"
            . incl "/var/www/openshift/console/httpd/console.conf"
            . incl "/var/www/openshift/broker/httpd/broker.conf"

 IMHO putting config files under /var/www is not FHS compliant, and should be in /etc. However, to get going in meanwhile, you can add your config files to augeas and tell which lens to use to parse them:

$ cat /etc/foo.conf
  BarDirective arg0 arg1 arg2 arg3

$ augtool
augtool> set /augeas/load/OpenShift_Http/incl[last()+1] /etc/foo.conf
augtool> load 
augtool> ls /augeas/files/etc/foo.conf/
path = /files/etc/foo.conf
mtime = 1409507012
lens/ = @OpenShift_Http
augtool> print /files/etc/foo.conf/
/files/etc/foo.conf/FooConf/directive = "BarDirective"
/files/etc/foo.conf/FooConf/directive/arg[1] = "arg0"
/files/etc/foo.conf/FooConf/directive/arg[2] = "arg1"
/files/etc/foo.conf/FooConf/directive/arg[3] = "arg2"
/files/etc/foo.conf/FooConf/directive/arg[4] = "arg3"

And then you are all set ;-)



2014-08-21 12:13 GMT-04:00 Alexandre Aguiar <asouzaaguiar gmail com>:

I trying setup a openshift environment but augtool simply cant see the /etc/openshift directory.

augtool> ls /files/etc/openshift
augtool> print /files/etc/broker.conf

Someone can help.


Alexandre Aguiar

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