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[augeas-devel] Inconsistent matching of multiple predicates (involving last/position)

Hello Augeas developers, Dominic,

I ran into a strange problem when match multiple predicates.

What file?
	/etc/auto.master (unmodified default shipped with autofs-5.0.5-113.el6.x86_64, attached for reference to this mail)

What lens?

What Augeas version?

What problem?

The Automaster lens uses a NULL label for the records of auto.master, which is why I try to find different ways of filtering them and found two (seemingly) equivalent methods (*). Yet, only one of them allows for further filtering using last() or position() (**). Reducing matches with other conditions seems fine, as far as I tested it, but I'm not sure, that I have covered all cases (***). Using a positive filter in the first step can be combined with last()/position() (4*).

I have consulted the Augeas wiki thoroughly and searched the GitHub issues as well as the devel mailing list archive for "multiple predicates" (which yielded https://www.redhat.com/archives/augeas-devel/2009-February/msg00093.html), but found nothing regarding this incident.

Did I overlook something or might this actually be a bug?

Best regards,

augtool> defvar master /files/etc/auto.master
augtool> match $master/*[map]
/files/etc/auto.master/1 = /misc
/files/etc/auto.master/2 = /net
/files/etc/auto.master/3 = +
augtool> match $master/*[label() != '#comment']
/files/etc/auto.master/1 = /misc
/files/etc/auto.master/2 = /net
/files/etc/auto.master/3 = +

augtool> match $master/*[map][last()]
/files/etc/auto.master/3 = +
augtool> match $master/*[map][position() = 2]
/files/etc/auto.master/2 = /net
augtool> match $master/*[label() != '#comment'][last()]
  (no matches)
augtool> match $master/*[label() != '#comment'][position() = 2]
  (no matches)

augtool> match $master/*[label() != '#comment'][map = '-hosts']
/files/etc/auto.master/2 = /net

Yes, the result is the same without filtering comments first:

augtool> match $master/*[map = '-hosts']
/files/etc/auto.master/2 = /net

augtool> match $master/*[label() = '#comment'][position() = 1]
/files/etc/auto.master/#comment[1] = Sample auto.master file
augtool> match $master/*[label() = '#comment'][last()]
/files/etc/auto.master/#comment[13] = precedence.

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