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[augeas-devel] ANNOUNCE: Augeas 1.4.0

I am pleased to announce the release of Augeas 1.4.0. This release contains a good number of lens fixes and additions. New lenses include lenses for AFS's cellalias, ClamAV, Bind's zone files, iscsid, mailscanner, pgbouncer, Postfix's SASL smtpd, Pylons paste files, and Puppetfile. This brings the total number of file-processing lenses that ship with Augeas to 187 - it's wonderful to see the level of support that has gone into Augeas; at the same time, it's depressing to think that Linux/Unix systems have managed to grow this many special snowflake formats.

The Augeas API has been fixed to properly escape pathological file names in path expressions, especially for files whose names contain funny characters like '\', '[' etc. There is a new function aug_escape_name that can be used to sanitize file names, and aug_match will now return paths that have been properly sanitized so that they can be passed into aug_get etc. verbatim.

The command line interface, augtool, has seen a few usability improvements in the form of handling Ctrl-C more gracefully, correctly recording history when switching to interactive mode after reading commands from a file, and a new 'errors' command that relieves users from typing 'print /augeas//error' all the time. The feared 'short iteration' error now also provides better information on where parsing the file failed.

As always, this release was made possible by the contributions of a large number of people; many thanks to everybody for helping make Augeas better. Many thanks to my comaintainers, especially Raphael Pinson and Dominic Cleal, for doing a lot of the actual work.

There are a few incompatible lens changes, namely:
  • Dnsmasq: parse the structure of 'address' and 'server' options
  • Pagekite: more fine-grained control of service_on entries
For a full list of changes, check the NEWS[1] file on github.

Tarball:                 http://download.augeas.net/augeas-1.4.0.tar.gz
GPG signature:    http://download.augeas.net/augeas-1.4.0.tar.gz.sig


[1] https://github.com/hercules-team/augeas/blob/master/NEWS

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