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[augeas-devel] Please confirm: Augeas cannot use number labels in node tests

Hello Augeas experts,

can someone please confirm to me, that Augeas is unable to relate to numbered nodes in nodes tests with their label?

augtool> set /a/1 "first"
augtool> set /b/1 "second"
augtool> match /*[1 = "second"]
error: Invalid path expression
error: type error
/*[1 = "second"]|=|

There are alternative expressions one can use to pick the right node - e.g.

augtool> match /*[*[1] = "second"]
/b = (none)
augtool> match /*[*[label() = "1"][. = "second"]]
/b = (none)

But still I'm wondering whether this is intentional.


PS: This one obviously fails, because the string "1" will never equal "second"...

augtool> match /*["1" = "second"]
  (no matches)

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