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Re: external ISDN recommendations

Hello Everyone,
    I've made my decision and I'm going to buy that router Maurice offered. I'm
also going to become a member of earthlink.net. They're the best deal I've
found and they support Alpha-NT and Linux. My thanks to everyone for their
opinions and insights and to Brian Wood , you helped me out alot.

Peter Petrakis
Alpha Guy =)
" <BLAM!!> Who the hell are you!! The name's Ash, <click-clock> Housewares..."

Maurice Hilarius wrote:

> With regards to your message at 03:27 PM 08-02-98 -0400, Brian Wood. Where
> you stated:
> >Peter_Petrakis wrote:
> >>
> >> Hello All,
> >>     Can anyone here recommend an good external ISDN modem that works
> >> well with linux and NT? I run a 533 mhz LX and my budget is $250. TIA
> >
> >If you are looking to purchase a Terminal Adapter (ISDN Modem is a
> >mis-nomer) I assume you are going to use to connect to an ISP. Very
> >often ISPs will give you a subsidized price, especially if you sign up
> >for a year's service. I know earthlink does this.
> >
> >So check with your ISP and see if they have any deals.
> >
> >I would also suggest that if you already have ethernet you would be
> >better off using an ISDN router as opposed to a "modem" type unit that
> >has an RS-232 connector. The router outputs as ethernet and has a much
> >better effective speed since you don't get the overhead from async
> >serial. The router also allows any machine on your ethernet to use the
> >connection.
> >
> >Bay Networks sells an ISDN router under the Netgear name (model RT328)
> >for $299. A little over your price but for the extra $50 you will get a
> >lot of extra performance.
> 3COM also sells a quite nice one called the ISDN LANModem. It is similar.
> You kook it to the telphone line for the ISDN. It has ports to hook up your
> 2 analog telephone lines out, and it has a built-in 4 port 10 baseT hub.
> All configuration is done by HTML browser, or if you really want, be telnet
> connection.
> I have one and it works well. Will sell mine for $250 U.S. ( Bought it for
> $310 and used for 6 months). I now have DSL, so it is superfluous. as we
> are a dealer, we will offer full warranty with it.
> Check out:
> http://www.3com.com/products/dsheets/400326a.html
> for more details..
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