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Can I install and run headless?

I saw this question in the archives, but didn't see a definite answer.

I've been given an AS200 4/233 and two AS250 4/266 machines.  I have them
all hooked to a terminal server and can access their consoles from the
'net.  They have some random version of Digital Unix loaded on them and so
they have SRM consoles.  I'm trying to decide if I can wipe DU and install
Linux.  (I have plenty of familiarity with DU; this isn't about which is
better.)  These machines have _no graphics_.  They do have plenty of memory
and disk, though.

Can I install RedHat without graphics?  Can I run Linux/Alpha without
graphics?  (Credit card in hand, ready to order RedHat/Alpha...)

Jason L Tibbitts III - tibbs@uh.edu - 713/743-3486 - 660PGH - 94 PC800
   System Manager:  University of Houston Department of Mathematics 
      "I survived while Ruby died in Jackie's trashy fantasy..."

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