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Re: Not at axp-list, please (was Re: QT non-open source!)

On Wed, 12 Aug 1998, Christopher C Chimelis wrote:

> Fine.  Just for my info, is the axp-list supposed to be Redhat-specific
> or AXP-related in general?  I've never been clear on this.

I don't think there are any clear lines.  RedHat has the only official
Alpha distribution so the two items were pretty much synonymous.  However,
I don't think it would be in the spirit of Linux or free software for this
list to be RedHat specific.  OTOH, RedHat does sponsor this list and most
people who first find the list are probably RedHat users.  Personally, I
would consider this an Alpha/AXP list with a *heavy* RedHat slant.

Christopher Curtis               - http://www.ee.fit.edu/users/ccurtis
Florida Institute of Technology  - System Administrator, Programmer
Melbourne, Florida  USA          - http://www.lp.org/

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