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Re: Not at axp-list, please (was Re: QT non-open source!)

On Wed, 12 Aug 1998, Jeff Sturm wrote:

> FYI Debian already has a list:  debian-alpha@lists.debian.org.  It's 
> still pretty low-traffic but the discussions there are parallel to 
> axp-list: kernel issues, milo issues, applications, etc.

Yeah, we monitor this list and cross-post when relevant (I forward alot of
this list over there), but mostly, our discussions revolve around patches
and porting.  Some kernel issues are brought up, but it's usually

> For those who want alpha-linux discussion truly unrelated to a 
> distribution, the comp.os.linux.alpha newsgroup is probably the best bet.

I still read that one alot too, although it still tends to gravitate
towards RedHat rather than independent questions.  Most of what's brought
up there is probably better addressed on this list.


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