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unexpected interrupt


I updated my PC164 from RH4.2 to RH5.1. I did a
complete reinstall and applied all updates.

First everything went fine.
Got the 2.0.35-kernel-rpm and comppiled my own
kernel which worked fine too, but I selected the
Ne2k-PCI instead of the ISA-version. So I compiled
again and this time I got something like this:

device interrupt: got unexpected interrupt 16

(IRQ 16 is the NCR)
It was looping endlessly, so I hat to reset.

After searching and trying for hours, I finally
found out, that I used the NCR7xx,8xx driver
instead of the NCR8xx which I used before.
Shure enough, everything was fine when using this

I think that's quite strange. Both NCR-drivers work,
but only the 8xx works together with the Ne2k...

Maybe this rings a bell to some Kernel-hackers or
maybe it helps some oder poor soul with the same
problem as I had :)


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