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Re: Qt on Linux-AXP

On Tue, 25 Aug 1998 Quant-X Alpha Linux Support wrote:

>[compiling Qt 1.40 under AXP]
>> I tried the egcs-1.1 cvs tree on it as well (most recently on Thursday). Same
>> problems. Do you have any idea what's happening ? Any hint where to look at ?
>> Does egcs generate working shared Qt-libraries on any 64 bit system ? Does any
>> other compiler generate correct libs on the 64 bit systems egcs fails on ?
>I'm not quite shure if we should talk about an egcs bug. 
>I'm not interested in Qt 1.40 (because Qt 1.33 works) but this could
>be a problem in the future. Could you try (or anybody else) to use

Well, same here.

>the latest binutil package released by H.J. Lu for building the libs ?

I am using binutils - these are pretty recent, I guess. I will see
wether I can find any newer and try them out.

  Jochen K"upper

  Heinrich-Heine-Universit"at D"usseldorf   jochen@uni-duesseldorf.de
  Institut f"ur Physikalische Chemie I
  Universit"atsstr. 1, Geb 26.43 Raum 02.29    phone ++49-211-8113681
  40225 D"usseldorf                            fax   ++49-211-8115195
  Germany             http://www-public.rz.uni-duesseldorf.de/~jochen

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