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Re: sendmail v. qmail

Ahh the debate rages on, as is so often the case on the internet, if
somone uses something different then what you use, they are wrong, stupid
etc...... as and an aside, I use both, BUT qmail is working on all my
"stressed machines".  Sendmail on my small private machines.

I still have a lowly 133 processor (with VERY little ram)  It handles SMTP
for 6000 customer, ETRN for 30 domains, mail stuffing and mail virtual
mail for 130 more domains.  I installed qmail simply because it worked.  a
good 75% of the time you can use sendmail, and be done with it, but if you
need a work horse and lots of virvutal domains, q-mail seems to be the
ticket :) 

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