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Re: Milo (XL) for RH 4.2 hangs after Swapping PAL code (was: Booting from disk with ARC Bios)

>>> KerryP@pop.ademco.com said:
>     Although, that does raise a question about whether the video is being
> handled properly by the MILO image.
>     This machine is one of three that our CAD department had (and was going
> to throw out.  Can you believe it) when they upgraded.
>     It contains an AccelGraphics Inc. card. Is it possible that the video
> is not recognized by MILO?

First off, the Accelgraphics card should work for text-mode console, as
there's a dumb VGA on the board, IIRC.

Second, there is no XFree86 nor commercial server for it under LINUX, again

Third, the XL MILO from RH 4.2 is *really* old; try using the one from
5.2. And yes, you could still install 4.2 if you have only that CD, it
should be OK to use that MILO with those older kernels, I think...


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