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Re: A couple of alpha troubles

On Mon, 2 Mar 1998 jma24@cam.ac.uk wrote:

> > 1) X instability. The machines have Matrox cards (spit), and the SVGA X
>                                       ^^^^^^
>                                       NONONO

I know, I know... I didn't have anything to do with the spec. of the
machines, alas. At least they arrived with respectable makes of ethernet
and SCSI card.

> > server looks ok (bit of gfx corruption sometimes), but alas will sometimes
> > hang the entire machine upon "startx".
> Yeah that's a known bug. Fixed in XFree 3.3.2

Good, gfx corruption I can cope with. Hard hangs are a bit of a sod when
people have long-running jobs on the go :) Do you know how "imminent"
"imminent" is in this case?

> > 2) g++ instability. This one is _nasty_. Could someone please get an alpha
> > Linux RH5.0 machine and verify if this crashes or not:
> > 
> > compile with "g++ -o test test.cc"
> jma24 /home/jma24 $ g++ -o test test.cc
> jma24 /home/jma24 $ ./test

Yeah yeah I know it works on your machine. Your mate David has been
assisting me too :)

> Upgrade the kernel. Upgrade to egcs (latest snapshot is dead fast, 70%
> faster code than gcc 2.7.2). I had this problem too, but I can't put my
> finger on exactly what fixed it.

I think I'll leave the kernel at 2.0.33 cheers :)
I _did_ try egcs, this fixed the "silly" trivial piece of code above,
however egcs then mis-compiled a different section of my code, resulting
in an eventual crash in malloc() deep inside an STL memory allocator
routine. STL is used extensively.

Incidentally, the latest egcs snapshot fails to build out of the box on
our machine. I seem to remember thinking "hmm, new binutils required
maybe", but can't remember why. libg++-2.8.0b6 doesn't build out of the
box either. I can post errors if you want.

I've built up my project using the egcs on jma24 -- again, handles stdio
within c++ fine but crashes out elsewhere.

> Just in case, you DIDN'T do the alpha glibc update did you?

Er, it came with something less recent than 2.0.6-9. I've upgraded to
2.0.6-9, this hasn't caused troubles with existing binaries/software. In
fact the machine is rock-solid apart from "startx" and generating dud c++
code. I'm still suspecting libg++ with a vengeance :)


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