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Re: A couple of alpha troublesy

On Sun, 1 Mar 1998, Michal Jaegermann wrote:

> > 
> > Since getting them I have so far solved some instabilities by making my
> > own kernel
> Can you be more precise?  I compiled a number of different kernels

Sure. Whoever shipped the machines to us didn't use the default RedHat
kernel, they used a patched up 2.0.31 deviant. I don't know if you
remember, but 2.0.31 had some _serious_ bugs that got fixed in 2.0.32. I
am currently happily running 2.0.33+alpha_patches.

> g++ as delivered on RH5.0 is simply broken.

Oh dear :(

> The real solution is to get g++ from egcs (or maybe 2.8.x) and replace
> g++ libraries with the current stuff.

Aha I suspected libg++, I will perform some egcs library extraction :)

> All your problems were already discussed in the past on this list.

Sorry :) As recompense I will provide an rpm that fixes c++ under RH5.0,
if I have any luck. I'm surprised there is no official update since it's a
serious problem.


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