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Re: Installing linux on an alphastation200

On  5 Mar, Philippe GIROLAMI wrote:
> Hello,I've been trying to install linux on an alphastation200 (avanti or XL, depending oin which FAQ I read)

It's an Avanti. The XL's are also in the Avanti family, but are higher
up on the totem pole.

> I can boot MILO alright from the floppy (SRM) except that it complains about
> our NVRAM not being compatible.

This isn't a problem.

> And actually when I reboot the alpha, it switches to ARC and I can't move
> to the supplementary menu (I have to take the battery out and put it back
> in place).

Hrm, you can't use the arrow keys to move up and down and such? Are you
using a French keyboard layout? Wonder if that could be the problem..

> when I try to boot linux from MILO following the FAQ's advice it hangs
> after telling me its jumping to linux.  The FAQ says it could have
> been because I was lacking a graphic card so I plugged in a PCI VGA card
> (Miro) but it still does that.  I tried avant, avantis, xl, xlt and XL images
> but none work...
> Also:
> Probing PCI hardware
> bios32.sio_fixup: weird, device 8086:0484 coming in on slot 7 has no irq

What other cards do you have in the slots? Just the video card?

It could be because Miro cards aren't supported under Linux/Alpha (I
don't know that they are under Linux/Intel, either). S3, Mach64,
Millenium, and TGA based video cards are pretty much all of the ones
supported for the moment (note that I have yet to see a TGA video card
as such, they're built in to some systems).

> Anyone have a clue?  Did I do anything wrong, should I upgrade the BIOS?

I don't know that that will help, but there is a new firmware revision
for the AS200 released a few days ago.

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