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SX164 Clock Problem

RE: Problem with AlphaPC164-SX (aka SX164 or SX) clock running 2X or 1/2X

I'm trying to get to the bottom of this problem, but having trouble
duplicating the symptoms others have seen.

My configuration, which shows no problem, is:

	kernel:		sx164.gz as found on RH 5.0 CD
	MILO:		sx164    as found on RH 5.0 CD
	AlphaBIOS:	5.62-1 (Sep 26 1997, 11:41:34)

The above AlphaBIOS is available at:


You can check the exact revision your machine has installed by:

1. use F2 to enter "Setup" when the console is booting
2. select the "About AlphaBIOS..." menu item
3. the top line should indicate version and build date, as above.

Please, could the people that have seen the problem, whether they've found a
workaround or not, upgrade their AlphaBIOS if necessary, and run the above
MILO and kernel, and report to me whether they still see the problem with
all those things in place?

PLEASE! Report to me (Jay.Estabrook@digital.com) and *NOT* to axp-list!!!!!

Thanks; I'll also inquire whether this has been a problem reported to our
field service...


  American Non Sequitur Society: we don't make sense, but we do like pizza...

Jay A Estabrook                         Alpha Migration Tools - LINUX Project
Digital Equipment Corp.                 (978) 506-4202 or (DTN) 226-4202
151 Taylor Street - TAY1-2              enet: Jay.Estabrook@digital.com
Littleton, MA 01460-1407

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