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Re: sqrt FPE's and fclose errors

Tom Browder <tbrowde@asi-fwb.com> writes:
> I should have added that the fclose error ONLY
> occurs when using g++, not gcc.

This has been know for months, and I really wonder why it hadn't been
fixed by now. Maybe we should scream  "security flaw!" , and see what
happens ...

Anyway, I was told the cause is a duplication of functions in libc and
somewhere in libstc++ of libg++. Often those libraries aren't really
needed, but since g++ is trying to link them, the wrong functions are

Try to use 'gcc' instead of 'g++', this often works. If you get
missing symbols during linking, try 'gcc -lc -lstc++' instead,
(or even 'gcc -lc -lstc++ -lg++', though I havn't used that on jet). 

Also, you could use egcs-1.0.1, or even try out how the freshly
released gcc-2.8.1 works on RH-5.0.

HTH, Martin
Martin Ostermann                | mailto:ost+sig0@comnets.rwth-aachen.de
Communication Networks          | http://www.comnets.rwth-aachen.de/~ost
Aachen University of Technology | phone: ++49/241/807917
Germany                         | fax: ++49/241/8888242

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