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jensen install problem

I've got a jensen axp. I want to install linux on it.
I've upgraded to firmware version to 1.7.
I've got all the aboot files...
I've got all the 5.0 redhat distribution files.

I've created the partition table using the minlabel utility.
I've copied to aboot necessary stuff using the copyboot program into
partition 1. I'm using the jensen kernel taken from
I'm able to start the kernel, it decompress correctly.
All the hardware is recognized correctly (AHA1740 with both disk and
cdrom, de422 network interface, tty, floppy ...).
It ask me to press enter to load the initial ramdisk.
I put the redhat bootdisk created from the jensen.img taken from
It load the ramdisk image starting from sector 800 (I think this is
It decompress the ramdisk image... It mount the vfs ramdisk, but...

it STOP HERE saing 

What's going wrong?

Any help will be appreciated!

Ciao,					/\/\/\rco.

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