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Re: Running DU binaries

On Wed, 25 Mar 1998, "Jochen K\"upper" wrote:
>Well, I compiled kernel 2.0.33 with the axp patch applied. I configured it
>to support Alpha a.out binaries.
>Whenever I try to run a Digital Unix binary - like netscape for DU 3.2,
>it says:
>> /usr/local/share/netscape/netscape
>bash: /usr/local/share/netscape/netscape: No such file or directory
>The file exists for sure, it does have the right permissions, the binary
>does work on DU, ...
>Any hint/help ?

"No such file or directory" in this case usually means that the program can't
find one or more of the libraries that it needs. Try ldd netscape and see what
happens (although I'm not sure ldd would work with a DU binary).

Do you have the required DU libs installed? You need:


All installed in /usr/shlib.

You also need /sbin/loader

All this assumes you are running the DU 3.2 libs. Things get uglier if oyu're
trying to use the 4.0x libs.

Check the FAQ at azstarnet for more info.

Brian E.W. Wood  beww@intac.com

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