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Mixing SCSI types on a bus (was RE: cheapest SX System i ever have seen)


 While looking for another Drive for my XL300, I was told that they did
had had problems putting UW disks on older busses, but that older disks on
a UW controller worked fine. Is this so that they could charge me the added
cost of controller (the 2W and UW drives are the same price !!!)


From:  Uncle George[SMTP:gatgul@voicenet.com]
Sent:  28 March 1998 19:44
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Subject:  Re: cheapest SX System i ever have seen

i'd be interested in the articles ( if u remem )
but like anything on the scsi bus, xfer's to/from the device is at the speed of
the device. I think my tape drive goes at 4.x megabytes/sec. Therefor the 2k
block xfer would take 4 times longer on that tape drive than from a disk drive.
there is really nothin u kan do about this ( everyone else has to wait )

Stephen J. Gaudet wrote:

> Hello
> However, there have been many articles written about putting a SCSI-2 CD-Rom
> on a UltraWide controller with the hard disk.  Every time the CD is
> addressed the UltraWide controller has to slow down to 10MBit to handle the
> interrupt.

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