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Re: NIC ports on UDB (aka Multia)


	I believe going to:


	and procuring the newest version of the 'tulip' driver, as well as
reading the FAQ's locate dthere would be a good start. The author of teh
tulip driver maintains teh site (right everyone?), and as such is probably
one of the better sources for tulip (and many other etherenet device)


On Mon, 30 Mar 1998, Jerry Feldman wrote:

> The UDB has 10baseT, AUI and BNC ports. Upon boot up with RH 5.0 
> 2.0.30 kernel), the kernel detects that the 10baseT is not in use, and 
> switches to the AUI connector:
> linux kernel: eth0: No 10baseT link beat found, 
> switching to AUI media.
> This is probably an RTFM, but is there a way to get the kernel to 
> recognise the BNC connection. 
> Note that when I put a transceiver on the AUI, the ethernet port 
> responds to the network. 
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