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Re: Installing RH on Ruffian from scratch

With regards to your message at 09:21 AM 11-02-98 +0100, Tillmann Schumm.
Where you stated:
>Bootstrap a ruffian with linux (RH 5.1)
>1) You need to do a proper DOS format on the partition first.
>Arcinst.exe will do this for you:
>Copy this file on a DOS-floppy.
>Start this executable from ARCS BIOS with:
> <Enter Setup>
> <Run a Progrogram>
>    a:arcinst.exe
>and install a small partition (1 to 10 MB).
>Later you can copy milo and ldmilo.exe on this partition.

	1A) If installing a dual-boot system ( NT and Linux)
	prepare a directory on the NT	"C:" partition called
	Linux ( or whatever) and copy milo and ldmilo.exe to
	this directory. Note the irectory path for the
	purpose of setting the environment variables in
	the ARCSBIOS loader menu.

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