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RE: AS200 rh5.1 install problem

>>install docs.  SO after getting tired clicking through a long line of
>>dialog boxes telling me that it could not copy, I decided (perhaps a
>>poor decision) to powercycle the machine and start over making the /usr
>>partition bigger.  I did this and things seemed to go fine until it got
>>to the point of

>>installing ext2 filesystem on sda6 (or something like that)

>>it just hung there forever.  and the same thing happens each time I try
>>it.  HELP!

This happened to me as well.  You need large partitions to hold
everything, but if your partitions are greater than 2 gig, it can't
format them.  Try making them just under 2 gig and it should work.

>>Any ideas?
>>Much thanks in advance!

>>ps.  Have any of you been able to get installation support from RH?  The
>>only reason I bought the cd was so I would get the installation
>>support.  My problem tikets seem to have dissappeared into a vast void.
>>I have still gotten no response from tickets entered over two weeks
>>ago!  Why is this?  (frusterated)

Their support is swamped or something.  Many people have complained,
but the situation isn't improving.  That's OK, that's what this list is

Hope that does it.

Eric Cifreo
Kazan Software

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