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Re: One more question while I am wasting bandwidth

At 06:23 PM 02-11-98 -0500, Daniel A. Theobald wrote:
>For those of you with NT running on your alphas, what do you have to do
>to actually get NT software to install on the machine.  I successfully
>installed NT but everything I try to install complains that it is for a
>different machine.....  Do I have to find special versions of these
>programs? And if so, what is available?

You will need to install FX!32 (available free from Digital) which allows
you to run Intel binaries under alpha. Over time FX!32 will optimize your
application so that you don't notice that you've got the "wrong" binary.
Looking at my desktop, the only alpha executable running is Winamp, the
rest (Eudora Pro, Kea!term, Avantgo, Palm Desktop, Agent) are Intel.

I know that this is off topic, but I wish Digital (now Compaq) had made
more of a song and dance about this amazing technology. Technology so
amazing that in the 1960s and 70s it was considered impossible....

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