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Re: Applixware!

Quoting Ken Hansen (khansen@njcc.com):
> >It seems to have a small memory footprint, and it doesn't bog
> >down the processor too much.
> Well, you have a good amount of RAM (see below) - the Intel version is
> *extremely* unhappy with less than 64 Meg... The main executable is pretty
> large, but the application doesn't seem to grow much beyond that module...

Well, I mentioned that I have 96Mb of RAM.  Back when I only had 32Mb it was
frustrating to compile any C programs because it would swap so much, so I
bought two 32Mb SIMMS and got a lot happier.  Currently, with Applixware's
main menu up but not running anything, "free" reports:

             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:         94704      91352       3352      75328       2184      26248
-/+ buffers/cache:      62920      31784
Swap:        82496      20952      61544

This is with X, about 15 xterms, several telnet sessions, INND, several news
feeds, the usual bunch of sendmail and majordomo processes running, etc.

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