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Fwd: Applixware usage

I got this through the applixware mailing list.

>> Very interesting.  How big are the 'application servers', and how 
>> many x-terminals can you hang off of each one?  I'm just wondering
>> how much CPU horsepower and memory are required for the client side
>> of the netscape+applix+whatever that each user runs.   Applixware
>> processes seem to get pretty big.
>We have a bit of a mix for our AS's.  We have 4 PPro 200's, 2 PII 233's and 12
>PII 266's.  The PPro 200's were the most recent purchase.  Got those
babies for
>a *GREAT* deal (Dual capabel, FSWD SCSI, 512 MB Max...the works.. $699).  
>what we have found is that the AS bottleneck is memory.  The processor is 
>never loaded.  With 12 Applix users at our main site, a PII 266 is:
>CPU states:  0.3% user,  1.1% system,  0.0% nice, 94.5% idle
>Mem:  192424K av, 179700K used,  12724K free,  85860K shrd,  38672K buff
>Swap: 130748K av,      0K used, 130748K free                 58592K cached
>A typical remote site may have 5 X-terms with 2-4 conncurrent users on 
>Applix and 
>each X-term will have 2-4 terminal sessions to one or more of our central site
>servers.  We are growing the number of X-terms quickly at our remote sites.  
>X-term logs into the Linux box (XDM) and user FVWM2 as the window manager.
>We (central site) have 46 X-terms.  All have the possiblity to use Apllix, but
>generally 10-14 concurrent users is norm.  Unlike our remote user most
>logs into an HP and not the Linux box...but that could change.
>Yes, Applix is a huge memory pig.  Luckily, about half of it's memory 
>required is
>shared.  I could't support half that many people under WindCenter/Winframe
>MS Office.  Besides these AS's are much more that Applix servers.
>We have 1 1/2 weeks of Applix sponsored training starting the 24th and I 
>will use 2
>the PPro 200's (128MB RAM) for 13 X-terminals.  I could have gotten away 
>with one 
>machine, but I wanted to make sure to cover my *ss with everyone using 
>Applix at the 
>same time.  We will have 46 people coming for training over the 
>> > Very few major problems with this type of setup.  Most early problems were
>> > configuration related.  Some of the minor problems deal with "interesting"
>> > differences in Applix compared to other bloated office suites.
>> > 
>> > One of things that has helped our use of Linux/Applix is a very 
>> > management.  They have taken a leap of faith (and some cost justification)
>> > into expanding our once fledgeling Linux effort into a major one.  Our
>> > management has looked beyond the Microshaft false media machine and
>> > on allowing us to provide solid (not perfect) application and hardware
>> > services.

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