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Re: New Alphas (ev57 164+264) and boards

Well Steve and Maurice;

for the prices from Compaq being different from those on the web page, I
asked the 'other' alpha list ( Alpha-NT@alphant.com ) and Aaron Bauch
 aaron.bauch@digital.com or aaron.bauch@compaq.com ) said to contact him
and he'll direct you to who you should speak to to get a better price on
the 164RX boards.  Please let us know if you get anywhere.

This is fishy though, but as in every corporation there are
miscommunications that really screw up public relations, but I find it hard
to believe that there is a 2x price difference between a freshly released
page vs. what the company is distributing otherwise.

***For anyone making replies to this, make sure you check who you're
sending to.  I send to involved parties and to axp-list so they know it's
being worked on.***


Here is the text of Aaron's message:
-----Original Message-----
From: Aaron Bauch <aaron.bauch@digital.com>
To: 'AlphaNT Mail List' <AlphaNT@alphant.com>
Date: Wednesday, November 04, 1998 5:28 PM
Subject: RE: 164RX motherboards pt 2

>This should be working.  I assume you are talking about the RX, otherwise
>your friend would be really happy.
>If they have a problem resolving this please have either their salesperson
>of the customer contact me directly and I will connect them to someone who
>can straighten it out.
>Aaron Bauch
>Technical Marketing Manager
>Alpha OEM


>With regards to your message at 03:20 PM 11-04-98 -0500, Stephen J.
>Where you stated:
>>Hello Bill
>>>> >In any case they are in beta now, the 164RX will be $800 and the
>>>> >will be $8000 qty 1000 for oem's.
>>>> FYI:I've been talking to Compaq and Samsung and that pricing is not
>>>> Its a lot higher for both products.
>>>Strange, this is straight form the page (which was very recently
>>>>The 525 MHz AlphaPC 164RX is priced at $799/unit for 1000 units.
>>>>Full-up units of the AlphaPC 264DP (planar board with two processor
>>>>cards) are priced at $7999/unit, also based on purchase of 1000
>>>I'd talk to compaq and ask them about the prices they are posting on the
>>>web page.  The $800 seems about right since it's a relatively minor
>>>update for the 21164pc which is going for a similiar price these days.
>>I just received the internal OEM pricing from Compaq and based on 1000
>>motherboards over one year it will cost OEMs(like myself) more than what
>>they have listed.
>>According to my TOEM sales rep, LIST is $1598.00 for the RX-525 and
>>for the RX-600. There are two price tiers, 250qty and 1000+qty.  If I
>>get whats they list on the web page I'd be happy....BUT ITS NOT REAL.

>>Easy way to check call or e-mail any Alpha OEM for pricing.
>Just to throw my $.02 in I checked and got the same type of numbers Steve
>is reporting here. I am sure that over time the prices will drop, but not
>now, anyway..
>Currently the most economical board is the API/Samsung UX with 2MB cache
>and 533 CPU for $1,225.00
>Considering that this is a 21164A ( L2 cache on-chip) NOT a 21164PC chip,
>it is a much better deal, IMHO.
>And that is customer pricing... Not 1000 piece OEM quantity.

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