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Re: RH 5.1, alpha and Pine

On  5 Nov, Bruce Ediger wrote:
> What is it with Pine that makes it *so* hard to get right under Linux
> on an alpha?
> Red Hat 5.1 comes with Pine 3.96, which looks like it works, until you
> send email, then it hangs.  I think the pine process is blocking SIGCHLD,
> but I can't for the life of me figure out where it does that.
> Pine 4.05 compiles with a ton of "int cast to pointer of different size"
> messages that (I think) shouldn't matter.  But it's got an even weirder
> problem:
>    It only picks up characters 4 previous to what you've just typed.
> Weird, weird, weird: If I start pine, and I want to immediately quit
> I have to type "q", followed by 4 other keystrokes.  The "q" gets picked
> up by pine, which exits, and the shell gets the next 3 characters.
> What the hell is going on here?  Starting Pine 4.05 changed all my saved
> mail files around so I can't revert to v3.96.

My guess would be that you've got a mismatch in ncurses or some other

Steve Borho

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