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Re: New Alphas

With regards to your message at 11:02 AM 11-06-98 -0500, Greg Lindahl.
Where you stated:
>> >Apologies to any other Alpha vendors on the list that I'm not aware of.
>> Why? If they ain't here, they don't support Alpha-Linux. Right?
>Wrong. A vendor isn't suddenly not supporting Alpha-Linux if they
>don't read one mailing list. What they do have to do is deliver
>hardware with correctly pre-installed Linux at a nice price.
In theory you are right. In my experience we believe that if you are not on
lists like these you will not be aware of the issues or the solutions.

As Kit mentioned, we too get lots of requests to help people set up their
Alphas ( and Intels) for running Linux. At best many of the vendors just
run the stock install, and at worst, don't even try. 
  In general, as in other aspects of the Linux community, one has to be
involved in amy areas to "give back" something to the knowledge and support

Best regards,

  Maurice W. Hilarius                   Telephone: 01-403-414-9319
  Hard Data Ltd.                      **FAX:       01-403-456-1510
  11060 - 166 Avenue                    email:maurice@harddata.com
  Edmonton, AB, Canada  - T5X 1Y3       http://www.harddata.com

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