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Re: New Alphas

> >Wrong. A vendor isn't suddenly not supporting Alpha-Linux if they
> >don't read one mailing list. What they do have to do is deliver
> >hardware with correctly pre-installed Linux at a nice price.

> In theory you are right. In my experience we believe that if you are not on
> lists like these you will not be aware of the issues or the solutions.

You have a huge conflict of interest in making that statement. I would
appreciate it if vendors would not come here to slam other vendors. If
you want to contribute technically, you are welcome.

> As Kit mentioned, we too get lots of requests to help people set up their
> Alphas ( and Intels) for running Linux. At best many of the vendors just
> run the stock install, and at worst, don't even try. 

This is, at best, FUD. Take it elsewhere.

>   In general, as in other aspects of the Linux community, one has to be
> involved in amy areas to "give back" something to the knowledge and support
> pool.

How is FUD going to help the community? Your _technical_ contributions
are welcome, though.

-- g

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