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Re: New Alphas

Well, not particularly wishing to enter the "vendor" fray going on, I'll
send a link to a vender that I didn't see on that URL.  One of my buds
bought a 300Mhz DEC from this place for $825.  We each have a $50 OnSale

Their systems ship with NT, but that can be undone.  :-)



On Wed, 4 Nov 1998 mgraffam@idsi.net wrote:

> Hello all.. 
> Since I got my UDB, I've been busy porting applications and tools that
> I wrote. This task is almost finished, and with Applixware coming out
> soon I'm looking to migrate most of my work to the Alpha platform.
> So, I am looking for suggestions for a new, complete Alpha machine (minus
> monitor, if need be) to run Linux. 
> I need good CPU and video performance, so I'm thinking of a 533 MHz
> machine (or higher). 
> What are some of the vendors that sell pre-configured Alpha/Linux machines
> in the $2-3000 range?
> Michael J. Graffam (mgraffam@idsi.net)
> "Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe
> the more often and steadily we reflect upon them: the starry heavens
> above and the moral law within me. I do not seek or conjecture either of
> them as if they were veiled obscurities or extravagances beyond the horizon
> of my vision; I see them before me and connect them immediately with the
> consciousness of my existence." - Immanuel Kant "Critique of 
> Practical Reason"
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