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Re: How to make a MILO partition?

With regards to your message at 08:52 AM 11-07-98 -0800, Bill Roman. Where
you stated:
>wade wrote (and I edited lightly):
>> On Sat, 7 Nov 1998, Do Jong Gwan wrote:
>> > 
>> > I'm using Ruffian board.
>> > 
>> > I've got the recent ldmilo and milo from gatekeeper.
>> > But simply doing dd if=/dev/fd0 of=/dev/sda1 does not working at all.
>> > In the ARC firmware, only setup and menu works.
>> > ( /dev/sda1 is a FAT partition with size of 4MB. )
>> I use cp (yes I just copy them over), while most of the examples say dd
>> over a floppy if you make a dos partition it can and does read it fine (at
>> least the latest firmware does).
>I've read on this list that Ruffian firmware is much more particular about
>the system partition's type and formatting than ARC and AlphaBIOS are.
>I'd suggest attempting to create the partition with the Ruffian's firmware
>(presumably it can do this)

No, you can not. You use ARCINST.EXE for that. On a Windows NT4 CDROM, or

Look under Hard Disk Utilities.

 or with arcinst.exe (if it will run on a Ruffian).

It will

>Failing this, try setting the type to 6 with fdisk.  Yes, I know that's
>"DOS 16 bit FAT > 32 MB" and would seem inappropriate for a small partition,
>but it's what AlphaBIOS uses.

Don't bother, this is not reliable.

Best regards,

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