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Re: Alpha application porting (was Re: New Alphas)

Quoting Jay.Estabrook@digital.com (Jay.Estabrook@digital.com):
> 64-bit environment (as it would for most database apps). But what is the
> advantage for a browser, or a spreadsheet, or a word processor, that makes
> a 64-bit clean port worth the time and effort?

Considering how so many Windoze apps (and Windoze itself) isn't really 32-bit
clean, I'm not suprised that so few commercial aps are 64 bit clean.  But we
could get the commercial developers to expend some effort on doing so by
telling them that they're getting ready for Merced.

"Linux's homebase is currently commodity network and server infrastructure. By
folding extended functionality ... into today's commodity services, we raise
the bar & change the rules of the game."
- Microsoft leaks their strategy for monopolizing the Internet and the desktop.

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