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Re: Powerbook HDD used as Multia internal?

On 08-Nov-98 Mike \"Ford\" Ditto wrote:
> I did find a couple cheap 2.5" SCSI disks but I haven't found the cable
> for connecting them to the system and they seem to be a couple
> millimeters two high to fit in the system without modifying the mounting
> bay and/or removing the floppy drive.  I haven't bothered to try.

Where did you find the "cheap" 2.5" scsi disks? I have a 233Mhz. Multia with a
failed internal drive and I'd really like to replace it and I'd really rather
not go IDE.

> I wouldn't be able to do development on it and keep my sanity (it takes
> several hours to compile the kernel as I vaguely recall from the one
> time I tried it).  And it's a bummer that there isn't a Java-enabled
> browser that runs locally on it.  It would be completely useless if it
> wasn't hanging off of a "real" server.  But it's definitely worth the
> $300 I paid for it, and now you can get them for $99.  What a deal!

It took my 233Mhz unit clocked up to 266Mhz with 64Mb. RAM about 45-50 minutes
to compile a kernel (although that was a 1.2 series one).

You should be able to run HotJava on a Multia but I suspect it would be
painful. I tried HotJava on an AS-200 and I could watch my fingernails grow
while waiting for it.

You could also run the DU version of Netscape if you have a DU license.

Brian E.W. Wood  beww@intac.com

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