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Re: AS200 rh5.1 install problem

On Wed, Nov 04, 1998 at 10:36:08AM -0600, Craig Oettle wrote:
> I had the same problem.  What I did on about the 4th try to install was to
> switch to another terminal with ctrl+alt F2 and at that terminal I typed
> df -m.  It told me there were no mounted file systems but the format
> continued.  I exited that terminal going back with ctrl+alt F1 and
> everything installed fine.  I bought a 9.1 gig WD SCSI drive and the install
> hung again.  I did the same thing and it continued with the install with no
> problems.  I'm new to Linux and Alpha so I have no idea why it worked, but
> it did.
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> Craig Oettle
> http://www.ecsinconline.com
  I was also able to get Red Hat 5.1 to install like this on my AS200. When 
the formatting of partitions hung I 
switched over to virtual console 2 and then ran a command like 'ls' or 'gzip'
and this would cause the hard drive light to flash. I then switched over to 
virtual console 4 or 5 and I saw that mke2fs had finished formatting and 
was formatting the next partition. 

  I installed and reinstalled Linux on my AS200 5 times and this trick seemed
to work. One thing that I learned is that you need to run a command that
hasn't already been cached. So running 'ls' the first time works, but not 
on successive runs, because it's been cached and so you won't see the hard
drive light flash up. So just run a different command like 'cat' or 'gzip' or
something. So if your formatting 5 partitions run 5 different commands and 
monitor the formatting on virtual consol 4 and 5.  I'm not sure why this
works but it did for me. Remember YMMV.

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