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Re: Powerbook HDD used as Multia internal?

With regards to your message at 08:24 AM 11-08-98 -0500, Scott Lewis. Where
you stated:
>Anybody know if I can rip the HDD out of a dead Powerbook and put it in
>a Multia?  I was looking around at prices for 2.5" SCSI HDD.  If you think
>that 2.5" IDE HDD's are bad, look at the prices on these damn things.  A
>540MB IDE drive runs for around 130.  A 540 MB SCSI drive costs $260.  A
>1.2 GB IDE runs for 139, the same in SCSI is $349.  And 1.2GB is the
>biggest I can find.  
Actually, the 2.5" SCSI prices you have found so far are comparitively cheap!
These are a dying breed, due to the fact that notebook manufacturers want
both the cheapest drives, and the lowest power consumption. As SCSI drives
use a lot more juice than IDE, they are not popular. Even Apple went IDE in
its Powerbooks.

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