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Re: 164LX/AWE32 sound problems

Hello Michal,

Thanks for all of your help the other day.  The problem was not  the
symbol names- they're supposed to have version numbers in the modules
and not in the kernel, this is handled by the modutils.  The problem
seems to have been dependencies.  And I have a new sound problem

First on dependencies, I repeated an exercise I tried a week ago (didn't
work then): poked around in the modules directory, installing random
modules until one fit, and got somewhere:
insmod soundcore
insmod soundlow
insmod sound
insmod uart401
insmod sb [options]
insmod awe_wave
When done in the right order, it all worked!!  The only problem is this
is not the *right* way to do things.  The first three insmods should be
replaced with
modprobe sound
and it should all work.  But it doesn't.  I mean, modprobe sound (after
reboot) works, but insmod uart401 after it gives me the missing symbol
errors, which never used to happen.

So, I think I remember a file in the RH5.0 /lib/modules directory (or
rather, the one that came with my machine) which told modutils about all
of the dependencies, and which I'm now missing, and I think this is
causing my problem.  Do you know what this file is called, and what it
should contain?  (Somehow the /lib/modules directory in my backup got

But now I have a new sound problem.  I've only tried two sound programs,
esd/esdcat and drvmidi, and both run many times too fast.  drvmidi runs
through a 2:32 file playing the first 2:27 in about 4 seconds, and the
last 5 seconds in real time, about 5 seconds.  The pitches sound right
and the rhythms seem reasonable, it's just somehow on steroids.

The other program I've tried is esd/esdcat 0.2.6 with .wav files (the
ones that shipped with E 0.14), which is I think about 5-10 times too
fast, with accompanying too-high pitch.  Has anyone used esd/esdcat on
alpha with an SB16?  I know it has only recently become (officially)
64-bit clean...

Any ideas would be very much appreciated!!

Thanks again,

-Adam `Cold Fusion' Powell, IV http://www.ctcms.nist.gov/~powell/ ____
USDoC, National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)  |\ ||<  |
Center for Theoretical and Computational Materials Science  | \||_> |

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