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Re: Powerbook HDD used as Multia internal?

I wrote:
> But I have to say that I love the two UDBs I bought a while back which I
> run diskless.

Ryan Kirkpatrick <rkirkpat@nag.cs.colorado.edu> wrote:
>	 Out of curosity... How exactly did you set it up for a network
> boot? Do you use a boot disk, or there some other option in ARC that I am
> missing for booting off the network? Have a few crazy ideas I would like
> to try (i.e. cheap beowolf cluster) and network booting would save me some
> headache and money. Thanks!

I set them up to boot via SRM/bootp/tftp/aboot.  It's just 2 or 3 nvram
parameters that have to be set.  All the boot code is in the firmware,
no boot disk is needed.

The only pain was temporarily hooking up a SCSI disk and CD ROM for the
initial install, copying the filesystem to the NFS server, and setting
up aboot, which required building a kernel.  I have just one root
filesystem which is mounted on all (2) of the diskless machines, but
each one mounts its own distinct /var filesystem.  I also hacked up the
rc scripts to set the host name based on the Ethernet address instead of
reading it from a file, and mount the appropriate NFS filesystem on
/var.  Currently the machines share the same /etc/mtab file due to a
design error in the mount command, which means that mount and df don't
always output the right filesystem names.  That is supposed to be fixed
in a later version of mount (allowing /etc/mtab to be a symbolic link to
somewhere in /var) but I haven't bothered to look into it.

BTW, I am running RedHat 4.1 because I had it lying around; right now I
have no real motivation to upgrade.  Perhaps if I hear that RH5.2 is of
good quality I will install that.  One great thing about NFS root is I
don't have to clobber the working RH4.1 stuff to try RH5.2... if I don't
like the new stuff I just put my bootp file back the way it was and I'm

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