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Re: AlphaBIOS Utility programs?

Stephen Williams wrote:
> wsb@paralleldata.com said:
> > I've found Adaptec PCI cards do not recognize when a PCI interrupt has
> > been used and will allocate one that a previous card has already
> > taken.
> Um, I don't think so. The allocation of interrupts is done by the BIOS
> or the host operating system, never the card. The card in general has no
> way to know about other resources in the system, or the wiring of the
> slot it is in, etc.

I agree it is something related to the BIOS. My understanding
is that there are these small routines built into each adapter
in some interpreted language that the PCI BIOS runs for each card 
to set it up and that code is what I always figured had the problem.

The OS could probably move things around by writing to
the adapter's registers though.

If you have an Adaptec card, put it last and see what happens.
I always get conflicts with my network card. The 3940W in
particular is nasty because it uses two interrupts...

Any HW people out there who know how it really works?



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