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Re: UPS Monitoring Software

On Fri, 13 Nov 1998, Chris Price wrote:

> 	Hi;
> 	I have a Slightly older Smart-UPS 600 from APC, and want to run a
> piece of monitoring software on it. I would apreciate feedback on what
> packages are reccomended/ not reccomended.

heh heh heh! You don't read linux-kernel, do you? ;->
['inside' joke for those who read l-k as well]

I don't have any recommendations, but you can check out:

	- The UPS HOWTO (available at any howto mirror)

	- The UPSD Page 

	- The apcupsd Page (suspended src, x86 binaries only)

	- older apcupsd source (v2.8) at

Good luck.


<*> Michael Larocque - mlarocque@shaw.wave.ca <*>
An idle CPU is a terrible thing to waste - www.distributed.net

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