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Ok...  all this talk of framebuffers has me a bit miffed...
	Its just a framebuffer...  What about hardware acceleration?
	is this what GGI is?  Acceleration in addition to framebuffers?
if so why are we doing FB support?  Simplicity?  Is GGI next?
How does GGI work?  I was reading about simplified kernel drives...  So
they only include the basics to keep the card in a usable state in the
kernel...  What happens to the rest of the functions... do I still need an
SUID root program to access them?

I ask all this because I run a Matrox at 1600x1200 in X with the martox 
x server and a framebuffer
console...  I guess this only works on 1 or 2 cards because the card is in
MMIO mode in console which most X drivers aren't ready for.  I though
about switching to the FB X server but thought about it and realized how
much acceleration I would loose...  So I guess I am just lucky?

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