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Re: Multia memory/batery questions

With regards to your message at 05:42 PM 11-16-98 -0800, Chris Albertson.
Where you stated:
>Ralph Green, Jr. wrote:
>>  I just popped open my new Multia VX40 and the SIMM sockets sure look
like GOLD, not TIN.  Is there a difference in some models of the Multia?
Or is there some other explanation.  I sure would not expect to use tin
simms in a gold socket normally.  Normally, the tolerances are different
and the tin/gold barrier is suceptible to galvanic corrosion.
>>  I just got the VX40 and I ordered 64 meg to go with it.  The simms came
in Friday with tin contacts, and I was about to call about returning them
when I saw your email.  Now, I will wait a day or two and see what I can
learn first.
>My Multia has gold sockets also.  Just try however to find gold 72pin
>parity RAM.  If you do please let us all know where you fond it.
>In my experiance tin SIMMS in gold sockets is not that bad.  It you
>run into problems take the RAM out and re-seat it.  I'd prefer gold
>Does your memory work in the Multia at all?  Is it two 32s or
>four 16s?  What did you have to pay?
>> >You need genuine ECC SIMMs. 9 chips, often sold as "parity" RAM.
>"parity" is normally cheaper than ECC RAM so I doubt much ECC RAM
>is sold as parity ram.
If you have gold sockets, then use gold lead SIMMs.
The UDBs I saw had tin sockets.
As for "parity" vs ECC RAM, it, in this case, is the same thing in this case..

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