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Re: Is this good?

On Wed, 18 Nov 1998, David Holley wrote:

>   Hmmm, so, which motherboard is in the Digital 433au?
> And can we tell by the part number as to how much L3 Cache and which
> video option is installed?

You can't.  You must ask.  You can ask the part numbers of the upgrade
options, if they are likely to know, but they are more likely to know
directly what their product has.  If they don't know, don't buy unless for
very cheap, b/c they won't be able to support the thing if they can't
answer a basic config question.

433au uses a DEC proprietary main-board/daughtercard mating - they meet
edge-to edge, one LONG slot, and the mainboard can be removed without
taking out any insert cards out. I gather that this style is used in both
the 'i' AND 'a' series PWS's, which DEC claims the industries' only
CISC-to-RISC upgrade path - rip out a 266i's mainboard, slop in the EV6
upgrade and WOOHOO!  You still have to upgrade all your software, but
still.  Very expensive yet, though.


> > With regards to your message at 07:06 AM 11-18-98 -0800, Tom Linden.
> Where
> > you stated:
> > >So what is the going price these days for an 164LX?
> > As I said below:
> > >
> > >On Tue, 17 Nov 1998, Maurice Hilarius wrote:
> > <<<<snip>>>>
> > >> Any more and you are getting ripped. Many vendors will sell you
> an LX or UX
> > >> system with the same features for the $2000 to $2500 range..
> >                                           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > Of course this really depends on what is in it. Disk, memory, video,
> and so
> > forth.
> > A typical machine with UX motherboard, 2MB cache, Wide SCSI, 10/100
> > ethernet, 128MB, 4MB video, CDRM, 4.5GB UltraSCSI Wide disk, Hard
> Hat Linux

What is Hard Hat?  I thought it only was for SGI.  Is this something new,
or a different 'underground' Linux?

Oh: Luigi, Maurice's price IS for 533MHz.  600 still costs about a leg, no
longer an arm AND a leg.


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