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Re: KDE question...

With regards to your message at 03:23 PM 12-18-98 -0500,
axp-list@duct.ml.org. Where you stated:
>I have some of it compiled ona  Multia a long time ago...
>While this is good news..  I wonder what is going to happen to both gnome
>and KDE... I like products from both yet they don't work well together...
>Windows flat out kills X when it comes to copy and paste and linked
>apps...  I don't know how many times I have tried to copy from one app
>into another and found nothing in the pasters clipboard...  I'd love to
>see both intergrated...  Developing for two toolkits at the same time is
>Is Qt totay free?  Is there any differance from GPL'd code?
It is now.

Best regards,

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