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Re: Multia

On Fri, 20 Nov 1998, Steve Proctor wrote:

> How did you make the MILO, Root and Boot disks?  What files did you use
> and where can I find them.  Any info will be appreciated!  Thanks!

	This was a sticking point for me when I first got my mu;tia up and
running. If you're having a problem with your boot disk, make sure you're
using _brand new_ disks.

	You're better off using a milo image from the redhat5.0
distribution, look for it on redhat.com. There should be a milo directory
off of root. You want noname.img (the multia is sometimes called a noname
or a udb).

	The other images are in the images directory. There should only be
one ramdisk.img, and the boot image is again called "noname". 

	to create the disks, you use a utility in the DOSUTILS folder
called RAWWRITE. This must be done on a PC.

Noah Rosenberg
Lead CCL Supervisor

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