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Re: New Alphas (ev57 164+264) and boards

With regards to your message at 09:08 PM 11-24-98 -0800, Bill Broadley.
Where you stated:
>On Wed, Nov 04, 1998 at 12:29:20PM -0500, Stephen J. Gaudet wrote:
>> >In any case they are in beta now, the 164RX will be $800 and the 264DP
>> >will be $8000 qty 1000 for oem's.
>> FYI:I've been talking to Compaq and Samsung and that pricing is not
>> Its a lot higher for both products. 
>I suggest you point your representatives to both the alphaprocessor inc
>and compaq/digital pages, and press releases that say otherwise.
>The new 21164pc/ev57/rx motherboard looks very nice...
No SRM, only 1MB cache, no 64 bit slots, no AGP, no UltraDMA, and still
I am told shipping first week in January.
Of course we are told it will be cheaper. Than what?

We shall see...

Best regards,

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