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MySQL Connections on the Alpha

I know I've seem post on the list where people have gotten MySQL to
work on the Alpha, but I'm, unfortunately, not one of them.  Can't
find anything to help me in the archive (redhat's search is broken
once again and alphalinux.org doesn't have much of an archive yet...)

I've tried using the precompiled binaries, and could never get the
thing to pass the tests.  Tonight I decided to recompile from scratch
using MySQL 3.21.32a with an up-to-date RH 5.2, and I have the same

The code compiles fine (well, I had to tweak it a bit -- like turning
off optimization and playing with the includes), and runs to an
extent.  It will pass all of the tests, with the exception of the
connect test.  The test will connect/disconnect with the database
fine, but I get a memory violation in the next part of the test.

Is *anyone* out there running MySQL to an extent that it passes the
sql-bench tests, or is it just me?


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