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Re: DEC AlphaStation 200 4/233 Question.

At 03:15 PM 9/9/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Dave Edsall - The Tauminator wrote:
>> >... try the install from there, I get
>> >"data type 9 not supported" and the computer reboots to milo. 
>> >
>This message "data type 9 not supported" is a message from an older
>version of 'rpm' program itself - which indeed does not support such
>data.  How did you managed to get this?  Are you using some rather old
>boot floppies?  

I downloaded them from the redhat ftp site just the other day.  I got rh5.1
alpha from ftp.cdrom.com.  The instructions didn't seen to follow my boot
disks installation screen.  I had to hunt for the avanti image.  Is that
the one that would have rpm?

You will have to replace rpm there if you insists on
>using these.  rpm should be statically linked and the operation can be
>performed on any Linux machine (processor is not important) which has
>"loop" mount support.
>  Michal
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Greg Koch

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